About Us

My personal story

I started smoking over 40 years ago, I eventually got up to a packet a day. I had my grown children nagging me to give it up and in fact, I was so cranky one day I actually said to them “I would rather give you up than cigarettes” Now that sounds harsh and although a joke to get them off my back it was how addicted to them I was.

I thoroughly enjoyed smoking, its how I relaxed, made decisions and let’s face it practically everything in life LOL. I never realized how controlling smoking was until one day I noticed that when asked to go anywhere the first thing that come into my head was ” Am I able to smoke there!” How sad is that!

I tried several ways to give up smoking none of which were successful until in February 2013 I stumbled across Vaping. I have not had a traditional cigarette since then. I was amazed at all the positives of not smelling like an ashtray, my wheezing chest cleared up, more energy, more time (not having to go outside every 1/2 an hour to smoke)

I have to say it was the easiest switch I have ever done. I don’t feel I am missing anything that was enjoyable about smoking EXCEPT all the negative stuff. I love how nice I smell, how much freedom I have. Vaping gave me all that I needed to make that switch. Once it was in my smoking brain that I was in fact getting everything that I needed from my vape, there was no looking back.

I am still Vaping to this day almost 7 years on, never felt better not to mention the huge amount of $$$$ I have saved.

Soooo…. that’s why I started this business in 2013, I knew by my personal experience that this was not going to be a fad thing and that in fact, it would help many many people to make the switch. We have helped thousands of people do just that.

Our product is very simple, ready to go, nothing complicated, always consistent.

It only takes a couple of clicks and you are on your way to a better life. Start Here