Media release: Largest ever survey of Australian vapers shows 42% will go back to the smokes if the 1 January 2020 vaping ban goes ahead.

Vaping - is it bad for you

The key takeouts of the survey:

  • 200,000 vapers will go back to smoking if the January 1st vaping ban goes ahead.

  • Vapers overwhelming DO NOT support a prescription model for accessing vaping

  • Vapers are now a powerful voting block. 400,000 vapers will consider their vaping intention based on a party that supports the legalisation of vaping

Anti-Vaping Fake News its time to Fight


Valued Customer,

We URGENTLY your help TODAY make as much noise as we can before it is too late.

Greg Hunt, aided by his mates in BIG PUBLIC HEALTH, backed by BIG PHARMA are directing a misinformation and Anti-Vaping FAKE NEWS campaign on an industrial scale.


Yesterday the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), an arm of Greg Hunt’s Department which produces statistics has released its National Drug Strategy Household Survey, an important report.

The presentation of their data is being manipulated, and the PR machine and spin doctor’s are in overdrive misleading journalists and Australians, all in an effort to delegitimize vaping as an effective method to quit smoking by completely misrepresenting what the data says.

They are doing this by presenting the data in a way that dramatically overinflates some data relating to the number of people who have never smoked, but they say who have taken up vaping.

They are being wrong and dishonest. The fine print says: Estimate [of the statistics] has a high level of sampling error (relative standard error of 51% to 90%), meaning it is unsuitable for most uses.”

They have been caught red handed! The numbers are actually so small that they are statistically irrelevant.


Customer, make no mistake the lies being perpetrated are an attack on you and your right to vape.

We know that Hunt wants to ban vaping, and he will do it if we don’t fight back. We used People power to shine a light on Hunt’s lies and underhanded tactics before and we can do it again.

We need the world to know that we vapers are united and will not tolerate Greg Hunt’s lies anymore.


Valued Customer, can you take 2 minutes to help? Use social media, our contact your MP and contact the media portal to tell them that this time Hunt has gone too far.


Does Banning On Nicotine Vape Fluid Will Do More Harm Than Good?

Vaping - is it bad for youFrom January 1, 2021, users will no longer be allowed to import nicotine-containing fluids for use in e-cigarettes, even if they have a prescription. The measures, which were initially set to come into force on July 1, 2020, are in addition to the existing domestic ban on sales of these products.

When quizzed last week on the new rules, Health Minister Greg Hunt claimed: “people can still bring them in if they have a prescription from their doctor”. But this is not strictly the case.

What do the new rules actually say?

From January 1, e-cigarette users will not only need a prescription from their doctor, they will also need a doctor who is willing and able to import the products on their behalf. This will require the doctor to have a permit to import nicotine as an unauthorised therapeutic.

It is hard to imagine many doctors will go to these lengths to provide access to nicotine so their patients can continue vaping. As these regulations have only just been announced, there are currently no medical professionals in Australia with these permits already in place.

With doctors already hesitant to prescribe nicotine for vaping (there are only nine GPs on the Australian Tobacco Health Reduction Association’s list of known prescribers), it is unlikely there will be any who are willing to add the additional burden of applying for permits and organising importation.

So, come January 1, what are Australians who use nicotine-containing e-cigarette fluids going to do?

Option one: vapers go “cold turkey” and give up nicotine altogether. Many vapers use e-cigarettes because they were unable to quit smoking using any other method, including nicotine replacement therapy. One study found 18% of ex-smokers who had switched to e-cigarettes were still smoke-free at the one-year mark, compared with 9.9% of those who had switched to nicotine patches.

Option two: vapers ignore the new regulations and attempt to continue importing their e-cigarette fluids. Besides risking a A$222,000 fine if caught, there are significant risks to buying e-fluids on the black market. There will be no warning labels or instructions for safe usage; nicotine levels may be unknown or inconsistent; and samples might be cut with dangerous substances, as in the case of the bootleg cannabis vape refills contaminated with vitamin E acetate that killed 60 people and hospitalised a further 2,558 in the United States last year.

Option three: vapers go back to smoking cigarettes, as a legal and more easily accessible source of nicotine. Current estimates are that e-cigarette use is 95% less harmful than smoking. There are fears among the vaping community that this will be the default option for many users, despite the increased health risks of smoking over vaping. Vapers who are worried they may turn back to cigarettes should consider asking their GP to help them devise a plan to stay away from smoking.

Why is the government doing this anyway?

The government’s rationale is twofold. First, it points to the increase in nicotine poisonings associated with e-cigarette fluids in the past few years in Australia, including the death of a toddler in Victoria in 2018.

But these cases, including the toddler’s tragic death, involved highly concentrated imported nicotine-containing fluids, purchased from overseas because of the existing domestic ban. Cracking down on legitimate imports would arguably make it more likely, not less, that users may end up accessing illicit e-cigarette fluids with little or no safety labelling.

The government’s second argument is the increasing use of e-cigarettes among US school students aged 14-18. But while there has indeed been an increase in vaping, smoking has declined among these age groups, so it is likely a case of experimentation, rather than vaping being a gateway to smoking.

There is a crucial distinction to draw here: if the new rule change is intended to restrict youngsters’ access to vaping, it is unlikely to succeed. E-cigarettes and e-fluids without nicotine will still be available at any tobacconist or vape store. The only banned products will be nicotine-containing e-fluids.

The rule change may be framed partly as a preventative move to protect young people from vaping. But the people most likely to be affected are those who have successfully used e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

For that reason, it’s my view the new rules will do more harm than good. I would urge the government to consider regulating nicotine-containing products rather than banning them.

A regulated e-cigarette fluid market should consider: limiting the maximum concentration of nicotine to 24 milligrams per ml; childproof packaging for all products, with dropper-style tops to prevent accidental exposure through spillage; and appropriate warning labels and ingredient lists.The Conversation

Vaping Petition to Legalize in Australia


Its so important to get the word out there to stop the madness the Australia Government are trying to do to take away the fundamental right we have to Vape. Vaping as we now know is much more safer than smoking, in fact 95% safer.

Release: Import ban on vaping delayed

Release: Import ban on vaping delayed

Health Minister Greg Hunt today announced he is delaying the implementation of the nicotine import ban until 1 January 2021. Legalise Vaping Australia today raised a vape to all of the Australians who lifted their voices against this policy.

“This is a big win for vapers across Australia,” said Legalise Vaping Policy Director, Emilie Dye. “Thank you everyone who pitched in, sharing stories, signing petitions, and calling MPs.”

“Federal policymakers heard your voices causing the Health Minister to delay this deadly policy. We now have an opportunity to fight for the legalisation and regulation of nicotine vaping in Australia.”

“Thank you Greg Hunt for listening the people of Australia and delaying this import ban.”


While we all know the best way to eliminate harm caused by smoking is to quit smoking completely, for those who are unable to quit, moving to smoke-free products provides an opportunity for better health and an improved life.

E-cigarettes and vapes are endorsed by the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and Public Health England as being a better alternative to smoking and more effective for smoking cessation than nicotine-replacement therapy. Legalise Vaping Australia and its community of supporters are working to legalise vaping in Australia, ensuring Australian smokers have access to these less-harmful devices.

This petition is gaining traction but we need to keep the pressure up  ahead of the January 1st deadline.


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Vaping The US and UK see vaping very differently. Here’s why

The debate continues over the hysteria on Vaping

Why is it there is only a “Breakout” of teen illness in the USA vaping when there are far more Vapers in the UK and other Countries !!

If Vaping was the problem then it would show worldwide don’t you think!!
It also noted that it seems that most of those cases were related to contaminated cannabis oil they put in the Vapes

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has advised many samples tested have contained tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, as well as significant amounts of vitamin E.

No cases of vaping-related lung disease have been reported in Australia to date. But we know a small proportion of people in Australia do vape (about 1.2% of the population), and may therefore be worried about developing this serious lung disease.

Of people who vape, it’s those relying on the practice to avoid smoking cigarettes who may find the current headlines most confronting.

Vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes

Many experts regard the delivery of nicotine through vaping to be less risky than smoking traditional cigarettes because it avoids most of the harmful combustion products inhaled through cigarette smoke.

Whether vaping works to help people quit smoking continues to be debated, although some clinical trials show it is more effective than other quit aids such as nicotine patches. We know some people who vape in Australia are doing so because they used the practice to quit smoking cigarettes.

The widespread reports of an outbreak of a sudden-onset and serious lung disease associated with vaping may leave this group wondering if they would be better off ditching vaping and returning to smoking.

The simple answer is, no, they wouldn’t. Research shows vaping poses less of a danger to our health than smoking traditional cigarettes. But that doesn’t mean it’s without risk.

Dr Drew comments on Vaping news on teens

Vaping - is it bad for youHi All, Here’s a short news clip that explains the recent news on the kids in the US who were hospitalized due to Vaping E Cigarettes . There are always 2 sides to a big news story. These kids were using cannabis in their vapes . The fear mongers are always out to blame Vaping on all things bad. I have never targeted young people, in fact I have and always will discourage young people using E Cigs. My goal has always been to help smokers to switch to E Cigarettes and away from the nasty stuff.

No single chemical has been identified as the cause of all cases in the US outbreak. This may be impossible because for some cases there is no vaping liquid leftover to test, some cases used multiple products, and some people don’t want to admit to using illicit substances.

But based on evidence of a strong association between the cases of illness and vaping illicit cannabis liquids, the FDA recommends consumers “avoid buying vaping products on the street, and to refrain from using THC oil or modifying/adding any substances to products purchased in stores”.

There have been calls in Australia to ban all vaping products in response to the US outbreak. But because most of the outbreak cases have admitted to vaping illegal THC oil liquids, this would be unlikely to prevent similar cases from occurring here.