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Vaping The US and UK see vaping very differently. Here’s why

The debate continues over the hysteria on Vaping

Why is it there is only a “Breakout” of teen illness in the USA vaping when there are far more Vapers in the UK and other Countries !!

If Vaping was the problem then it would show worldwide don’t you think!!
Its also noted that it seems that most of those cases were related to contaminated cannabis oil they put in the Vapes

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has advised many samples tested have contained tetrahydrocannabidol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, as well as significant amounts of vitamin E.

No cases of vaping-related lung disease have been reported in Australia to date. But we know a small proportion of people in Australia do vape (about 1.2% of the population), and may therefore be worried about developing this serious lung disease.

Of people who vape, it’s those relying on the practice to avoid smoking cigarettes who may find the current headlines most confronting.

Vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes

Many experts regard the delivery of nicotine through vaping to be less risky than smoking traditional cigarettes, because it avoids most of the harmful combustion products inhaled through cigarette smoke.

Whether vaping works to help people quit smoking continues to be debated, although some clinical trials show it is more effective than other quit aids such as nicotine patches. We know some people who vape in Australia are doing so because they used the practice to quit smoking cigarettes.

The widespread reports of an outbreak of a sudden-onset and serious lung disease associated with vaping may leave this group wondering if they would be better off ditching vaping and returning to smoking.

The simple answer is, no, they wouldn’t. Research shows vaping poses less of a danger to our health than smoking traditional cigarettes. But that doesn’t mean it’s without risk.

Dr Drew comments on Vaping news on teens

Vaping - is it bad for youHi All, Here’s a short news clip that explains the recent news on the kids in the US who were hospitalized due to Vaping E Cigarettes . There are always 2 sides to a big news story. These kids were using cannabis in their vapes . The fear mongers are always out to blame Vaping on all things bad. I have never targeted young people, in fact I have and always will discourage young people using E Cigs. My goal has always been to help smokers to switch to E Cigarettes and away from the nasty stuff.

No single chemical has been identified as the cause of all cases in the US outbreak. This may be impossible because for some cases there is no vaping liquid leftover to test, some cases used multiple products, and some people don’t want to admit to using illicit substances.

But based on evidence of a strong association between the cases of illness and vaping illicit cannabis liquids, the FDA recommends consumers “avoid buying vaping products on the street, and to refrain from using THC oil or modifying/adding any substances to products purchased in stores”.

There have been calls in Australia to ban all vaping products in response to the US outbreak. But because most of the outbreak cases have admitted to vaping illegal THC oil liquids, this would be unlikely to prevent similar cases from occurring here.



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6 Top Reasons why you should switch to E-Cigarettes

1. Save Dollars. A single e-cigarette cartomizer (cartridge) is equal to around 20 cigarettes. When you consider the fact that you can get five cartomizers in 1 pack for the roughly the same price as 1 packet of cigarettes (eg 1 x 5 pack of E-cigarettes cartomizers costs around $30 VS 5 packs of cigarettes costs around $100 to $150), the cost-savings are immediately clear, its a no brainer. Yes please.

2. Considerably Fewer Chemicals. With electronic cigarettes, the thousands of chemicals you consume in tobacco smoke (including hundreds of toxins and 70 which cause cancer) are reduced by 95% according to the UK Government study.

3. No Ash. e-cigarettes work through heating a solution to turn it into vapor. Since this doesn’t involve any combustion, it doesn’t produce any ash. When you switch, you can get rid of the stinking, ash tray overflowing with butts.

4. Just Like Smoking. Electronic cigarettes are intended to replicate the sensation of smoking, and they accomplish their goal very well. You get a cloud of smoke-like vapor, a realistic “hit” at the back of your throat when you inhale.

5.  No Smell. The smell of smoke is extremely off-putting to many people. Most smokers don’t like their clothes reeking of pungent cigarettes. E-cigarettes have no odour. With cigarettes, you smell like an ashtray, with e-cigarettes you don’t.

6. No Stained Teeth. The tar and excessive junk you pump into your body when you smoke a cigarette are removed with e-cigarettes. Without the dirty chemicals, you won’t stain your teeth with that sickly yellow-brown stuff.

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Electronic Cigarettes in Australia

The Ban On Nicotine In Australia Is Fueling A Black Market!


Vaporizers, electronic-cigarettes, and nicotine free e-liquids are legal in Australia, but once you want to buy e-liquid with nicotine, vapers are being pushed towards the black market.


According to data obtained in the 2016 census, there could be as many as 250,000 Australians vaping at least once a day. The census data needs to be analyzed carefully, however, as there are a lot of variables. Most experts agree that the average amount of people using electronic cigarettes consistently in Australia each day is closer to 150,000.

Vaping and e-cigarettes, in general, have come a long way in the last decade. It’s taken a long time for many countries to understand the impact of vaping and create the framework for the regulation of e-cigarettes and e-liquid.

Currently, you can buy vaporizers and nicotine free e-liquid legally in Australia. However, you cannot purchase e-liquid with nicotine already added to it legally in Australia. So, how are vapers in Australia getting their nicotine?

You can import pure nicotine and add it yourself to your e-liquid, and you can also import small bottles of e-liquid with nicotine from other countries quite easily.

While there are conflicting reports about how much safer e-cigarettes are when compared to traditional smoking, Public Health England says 95% safer while other reports have emerged which question this percentage and think it’s lower, the dangers of smoking are already well-known.

The fact remains that in the UK they have taken a very proactive approach to utilize electronic cigarettes as quit smoking aids, while in the US and Australia they have taken the opposite approach, making it as hard as possible to access electronic cigarettes and e-liquids.

You can understand why governments are wary of endorsing a product which they see as the next version of the dangerous and deadly product. This lack of regulation by the Australian government isn’t preventing people from accessing e-liquids which contain nicotine though; it’s just making it harder to regulate the e-liquids they are purchasing overseas.

With a healthy and regulated market of e-liquids, the government could ensure that labeling laws were introduced, quality standards on nicotine and other ingredients were in place, bottle safety regulation was in place and ingredients being used were of the highest quality and standards.

Currently, vapers could be buying e-liquid, which is made from inferior ingredients with no quality control or monitoring. Hopefully, the government in Australia will take a proactive and balanced approach to regulating e-liquid and e-cigarettes in the future.