May 2019

Gave up tobacco 2 years ago thanks to Irene’s ecigs, feel fantastic and no longer short of breath.

Genelle, NSW

May 2019

Very happy with the service from Irene Carter E Cigs. Gave up the cigarettes 3 months ago after being a smoker for 30 years. Service is always prompt and delivered quickly.

PR Cat Resort, Brisbane

April 2018

Irene has been a big help with me changing over to Ecigs, something I thought I’d never do but I’m very happy with it, I’d recommend it if you want to get of the durries !! & save some cash

Tracey, Wynnum Qld

Jan, 2015


I started my journey early in 2013, that is when I discovered Irene Carters Ecigs and I have never looked back. I am fast approaching my 2 year anniversary without the dreaded cigarettes. I have never felt better since I made the switch. My health has improved beyond my wildest expectations. I have money in my pocket. I don’t feel that I am missing any of the things I enjoyed about smoking except I no longer have shortness of breath or that horrible smokers cough and yet I can still satisfy any of the cravings. This has been the easiest thing I have ever done and I would like to thank you Irene for helping me throughout this journey. Your service and product are 5 star. If I have any questions you go beyond good customer service no matter what time of the day or night I call you. I continue to recommend your Company to anyone who cares to listen to me.

Thanks again

Tony, Wellington Point


Jan 2014

I had to write a quick note to say how incredibly impressed I am with Irene’s electronic cigarettes. I have been a heavy smoker for that long I don’t even want to admit it and like every other smokers story, I have never been able to give up for more than a couple of days. I am now smoke free for 2 months and I can say it was the easiest thing I have ever done. Her customer service is fantastic, I have always been able to get her on the phone any time of the day of night, she is always helpful and eager to help me stay off the bad cigs. It is also comforting that she too is going through the journey of staying off the smokes. I can’t speak highly enough of her product and customer service.




October 2013

Irene Carters Ecigs are just like the real thing  but so much better for you, and so much cheaper. We’re saving heaps and they are so easy to buy online. My partner has tried to quit smoking in the past, with the help of his Doctor, but has been unsuccessful. Since he started using Irenes Ecigs about 4 months ago, he hasnt had a real cigarette since. I’m so proud of him!! He’d been a heavy smoker for about 35 years so this achievement is amazing. The Ecigs have also helped me to cut down.  I rarely smoke at home (unfair to my partner), only at work. I will eventually stop all together  my goal is Christmas 2013, or earlier!

Ziggy – Regents Park Qld



MAY 2013

My story is that this Mothers day I got the Irene Carter Ecigs starter pack for my mum who has had a very unhealthy smoking problem for which she has tried so many things to kick the habit of… After only the first week my mum rang me to tell me she has had a win ( finally ) not smoking any more. Saved $80 and feels her taste and smell coming back. Yay! I’m so excited for her and by the sounds of it so is she thanks to the Ecigs

Kim – Cleveland Australia



May 2013

I have tried a few different Ecigs and found the Ecig from your Company to be the best of the best. The flavour (Marlboro) is very smooth. The Ecigs I tried from other Companies that were cheaper to be horrible in taste. I love these Ecigs and have not had a real ciggy for 2 months. It is true “You only get what you pay for” I will recommend your Ecigs to anyone. Thank you so much for introducing these to me.

Sarah- Logan Central Brisbane


The following link below are some testimonials from Ecig users from the around the world, I thought I would share this with you as the testimonials are always the same world wide. My ecigs are of the highest quality in the world and my business is Australian owner and operated.