Art and Culture in Melbourne

Sure, we supply e-cigarettes to the folks of Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia. But besides e-cigarette using and e-cigarette shopping, we’re sure our customers have a lot of other hobbies, too.

One thing Melbourne is known for its unique sense of art and culture. Here are some offbeat spots that aren’t always mentioned in your typical touristy travel books. After all, life is more exciting when you take the road less travelled.


A unique list of places to go in Melbourne for art and culture

Polyester Books

e-cigarettes Melbourne - polyester books

(Image from Time Out)

Polyester‘s mission: “To provide the freakiest underground books, magazines, films and comix.”


Mailbox 141

e-cigarettes Melbourne - Mailbox 141

“MAILBOX 141 is an alternative public art space that supports artistic experimentation and exhibition of new work. Located at 141 Flinders Lane – near the corner of Russell Street in the heart of Melbourne’s arts precinct – artists are invited to create site specific work for a strip of restored mailboxes in the entrance foyer.”


Southgate’s Silent Cinema

Southgate Cinema is Melbourne’s only silent cinema. “… patrons are provided with individual headphones and audio kits to listen to the film, while sitting back and relaxing amidst the hustle and bustle of the restaurant and shopping precinct.”


Melbourne City street art tour

e-cigarettes Melbourne - grafitti street art tour

Whether hidden in a street corner or boasting in a public space, Melbourne is famous for its graffiti. Here’s a great way to do a graffiti and street art tour of some of its key spots.

(Stay tuned on this page, because we’ll be reporting on many other things that are uniquely Melbourne that can be useful for residents and tourists alike, including this list. And remember, if you’re looking for e-cigarettes in Melbourne, you’ve found the right place.)

Heide Museum of Modern Art

E-cigarettes: Heide museum of modern art

(Image from desktopmag)

Once the home of Melbourne couple, John and Sunday Reed, Heide Museum of Modern Art, or Heide as it is affectionately known, is a unique combination of art, architecture, social history and landscape just twenty minutes from Melbourne’s CBD. With three galleries, stunning architecture and fifteen acres of gardens and sculpture park to explore, there is something for everyone at Heide.


What are your favourite locations in Melbourne?

This is an ongoing list. If you have your own suggestions about more uncommon creative spaces in Melbourne, feel free to contribute in the comments section below.

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