Interesting Places in Sydney

From Brisbane to Melbourne to Sydney, we’re proud suppliers of e-cigarettes throughout Australia. But besides using and shopping for e-cigs, we have a lot of hobbies and interests – and surely you do too! Sydney is a huge hustling and bustling city full of life and art and culture. Here are some lesser known, but interesting, cool and very well loved places and things to do around Sydney that you won’t necessarily find in your typical “what to do in Sydney” Google search.


Interesting places in Sydney: Secret Foodies

Interesting places in Sydney - secret foodies


Secret Foodies is a “surprise dining experience” for people who love food and adventure. You just pay a price for a ticket and then get sent to a surprise location that is only revealed on the day! Then prepare to be taken on a food journey with the chef, learning about food history and philosophy as well as meeting new people on the way.


Interesting places in Sydney: 2 Danks Street

Interesting places in Sydney - 2 Danks Street


2 Danks Street, once a warehouse complex, is now home to 10 contemporary art galleries, a fine arts dealer, and a jewellery studio. You’ll also find a café and regular panels at this precinct in Waterloo – perfect for anyone interested in Australian and international contemporary art.


Interesting places in Sydney: Holy Kitsch!

Interesting places in Sydney - holy kitsch


Holy Kitsch! is an eclectic “gifts and bonewares” store in two Sydney locations, Surrey Hills and Newtown. From Day of the Dead pieces to Mexican flamingoes to mirrors and jewellery, this store has quirky covered.

Interesting places in Sydney: Justice and Police Museum

Interesting places in Sydney - weapons-room justice and police museum


A dark and morbid but very interesting visit, “Step into the dark side of Sydney’s past. Crooks and cops, thugs and judges, locals and drifters, the guilty and the innocent have all left their stories here. A vast archive of crime scene photography and mug shots reveal more than a century of underworld Sydney.”


Interesting places in Sydney: He Made She Made

Interesting places in Sydney - he made she made


He Made She Made is an art gallery in Darlinghurst that aims to showcase, represent and promote the work of Australian creatives within the realm of art and design. The gallery has monthly themed showcases that encourages artists to push themselves so you’ll be able to go back time and time again and always be surprised.


What are your favourite locations in Sydney?

This is an ongoing list, so if you have your own suggestions about more uncommon creative places to visit in Sydney, please let us know in the comments below. The team at Irene Carter E-Cigarettes can’t wait to hear from you so we can find more creative spaces to visit!