Dr Drew comments on Vaping news on teens

Vaping - is it bad for youHi All, Here’s a short news clip that explains the recent news on the kids in the US who were hospitalized due to Vaping E Cigarettes . There are always 2 sides to a big news story. These kids were using cannabis in their vapes . The fear mongers are always out to blame Vaping on all things bad. I have never targeted young people, in fact I have and always will discourage young people using E Cigs. My goal has always been to help smokers to switch to E Cigarettes and away from the nasty stuff.

No single chemical has been identified as the cause of all cases in the US outbreak. This may be impossible because for some cases there is no vaping liquid leftover to test, some cases used multiple products, and some people don’t want to admit to using illicit substances.

But based on evidence of a strong association between the cases of illness and vaping illicit cannabis liquids, the FDA recommends consumers “avoid buying vaping products on the street, and to refrain from using THC oil or modifying/adding any substances to products purchased in stores”.

There have been calls in Australia to ban all vaping products in response to the US outbreak. But because most of the outbreak cases have admitted to vaping illegal THC oil liquids, this would be unlikely to prevent similar cases from occurring here.