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Looking for quality e-cigarette suppliers online? Irene Carter E Cigs supplies premium quality e-cigarettes with no gimmicks – just fantastic product.

The Irene Carter difference

Customers love Irene Carter’s e-cigarettes because they’re simple, effective and aren’t all about flashy gimmicks. Used by those looking to say goodbye to traditional smoking for good, Irene Carter’s e-cigarettes have helped numerous Aussies save money, get rid of that troublesome smoker’s cough (and smoker’s breath) and most importantly, no longer be dangerously addicted to tobacco.

Irene Carter’s Story

Irene Carter was a smoker for over 40 years with no interest in giving up. After being let down by many of the supposedly “effective” cures for smoking being marketed out there, Irene resigned herself to thinking that she will always be a smoker… until, of course, she discovered her first electronic cigarette. Since then, there has been no turning back for her. She has successfully said goodbye to traditional cigarettes.

Now, she wants to help others out there make that much needed switch. As someone who used to smoke, she knows exactly what smokers need and thus sources only the best e-cigarettes available.

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