Vape Shop in Brisbane

Vape Shop in Brisbane Australia

E-Cigarettes, Vapes, No fuss, no gimmicks – just quality e-cigarettes from Irene Carter E Cigs.


Welcome To Our Vape Shop in Brisbane

The Irene Carter e-cigarette difference

Our customers keep ordering e-cigarettes in our vape shop in Brisbane because we have outstanding quality of products and aren’t all about flashy gimmicks.

There are basically two types of Vapes/E-Cigarettes, the ones you put the liquid in and then there are ours. No need to be a mad scientist and refill your cartomizer every day, then have to wait until it’s primed !! The taste is smooth and consistent with every Cartomizer. Not harsh and overpowering like the others.

With our E-cigarette cartomizer they are all ready to go. Just screw to the battery and away you go. No leaking, no cracking the tank, no replacement of coils. It’s an easy convenient ready to go Vape. Used by those looking to say goodbye to traditional smoking for good, Irene Carter’s e-cigarettes have helped numerous Aussies save money, get rid of that troublesome smoker’s cough – not to mention smoker’s breath!


Start with an e-cigarette starter kit

Need to find a quality Vape in Brisbane? Try our e-cigarette starter kits. They come with all the gear necessary to get started and are of high quality – we source from the best e-cigarette suppliers out there. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

We now also have eGo e-cigarette starter kits in stock.


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What are you waiting for? View our e-cigarette starter kits, rechargeable batteries and much more.