Electronic Cigarette, Australia

Say goodbye to smoker’s breath, Australia

Now you can quit anywhere, anytime. Our electronic cigarette business is growing and is now supplying to all parts of Australia. There are countless cigarette providers in Australia, but the Irene Carter brand is a trusted quality electronic cigarette provider. Our products have helped numerous clients take that vital step to quit (and quit for good!).

E-cigs, is it the perfect solution for me?

Irene Carter electronic cigarettes are of highest of quality, with the reliability of good suppliers that provide you with premium products. With products such as standard e-cigarette starter kits, rechargeable batteries, cartomizers and much more, we provide our customers with quality care. We provide the many products that will help you take that extra step to quit. We will also offer you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, that’s how committed we are.

The Irene Carter Difference

Customers choose Irene Carter ECigs because they’re of fantastic quality. Unlike other e-cigarette stores in Australia, Irene Carter’s ECigs are no mess, no fuss and aim to get the job done right. With Irene Carter, you don’t get any colourful gimmicks – all you get is good quality.

Is it legal to purchase e-cigarettes?

We strongly recommend you check your State and council regulations if you are unsure if it is legal to purchase e-cigarettes where you live.

Where is your store located?
You can shop online, or make an appointment to come to our Ormiston/Cleveland outlet to try before you buy.

Please call Irene on 0415 689 975 to book an appointment. Alternatively, you can shop for our e-cigarettes online.

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