Nicotine Info

Below is the Legal information from the ATHRA website which will be enforced from the 1st of October 2021.

Legal information


Under Australian law, it is illegal to buy, possess or use liquid nicotine for vaping without a prescription from a registered Australian medical practitioner.

In Australia, medicines and poisons are listed in the Poisons Standard and are classified into categories called Schedules, which determine how they are regulated. Nicotine is classified as a Schedule 7 ’dangerous poison’, along with arsenic and strychnine. The exceptions to this classification are nicotine in tobacco for smoking and medicinal nicotine replacement products.

However, importation, use and possession of liquid nicotine for a ‘therapeutic use’ (eg to quit or reduce smoking or to prevent relapse) are legal if the user has a prescription from an Australian medical practitioner. It is then classified as a Schedule 4 product (prescription only) and it is permissible to possess or use it for personal use. It is legal for the doctor to write the prescription.

In January 2020, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners approved the use of nicotine for vaping for smokers have tried other methods and failed to quit. ATHRA has resources for doctors on how to prescribe nicotine in the Health Professionals section of this website (login required). If you write to us, we can email your doctor more information.

TGA Personal Importation Scheme

You can legally import nicotine from overseas to help you quit or reduce smoking under the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Personal Importation Scheme. You may import 3 months’ supply at a time for personal use, up to a total of 15 months’ supply per year. The law requires you to have a prescription from a registered Australian doctor. Keep the script at home, or as a photo on your phone in case it is required. However, the TGA warns that there may be risks in importing nicotine from overseas suppliers as quality cannot be guaranteed.


 As mentioned you will need a prescription from a Doctor to import your Nicotine. Fortunately there is an online Medical Clinic that has recently been set up by Australian Doctors to assist smokers to quite. Based in Sydney,, provides counselling by video and over the phone. They can provide a prescription for Legal Nicotine. The cost is approximately $79 for a 20 minutes consultation. 

How to get the ball rolling on E-Liquid:

  1. Buy your Favourite Flavoured 0mg E Liquid from us
  2. Buy the Unflavoured Nicotine E Liquid (once you get your script) from 
  3. Follow the mixing chart
  4. Shake well for up to 5 minutes
  5. Pour into Cartomizer tank – Happy Days!!

Where to get Unflavoured Nicotine – We recommend Mixology New Zealand  to import your Nicotine  When you purchase from them you will receive a 10% discount, to receive this discount you will need the code “irenecarterecigs” Note: this discount is only valid on unflavoured Nicotine.

This information below is from the Mixology website – feel free to look around on their website, they have a huge amount of information on how to mix your Nicotine with our juice.

Salt Nicotine Unflavoured

Mixology Vape only provides the highest quality premium unflavoured Nicotine. These products are imported from the US & EU and are batch tested with our own quality control standards. If you wish to check out our range of e-liquid flavours, please visit the e-liquid flavours page located on your left. If you have any troubles finding what you’re looking for, please click on the messenger icon in the bottom right to talk to a friendly staff member.

Unflavoured Nicotine Salt is a product made for experienced users looking to get the optimal nicotine hit from their vape juices. This product comes in the salt form, so it is important that you know you must dilute the salt to add to your juices. These salts come in two grades, PG or VG, making them the best quality globally sourced ingredient. If you believe you are ready to begin mixing your own salt ratios, please check out our range below.

These salts are made benzoic acid, making them corrosive to the skin. You must wear Nitrile gloves when mixing these nicotine salts. If you manage to get some onto your skin, please wash your skin immediately. Our package comes with a 3ml pipette to assist with mixing in 100mg/ml. If you need more assistance with knowing how many milligrams are needed for how much e-juice, check out our Nicotine Mixing Charts when you click into the Unflavoured Nicotine page, or see below.



Unflavoured Nicotine

High quality Premium Unflavoured Nicotine in PG or VG available to add to our range of delicious flavoured E Liquids and E Juices. We only import nicotine from premium US & EU suppliers which is then batch tested to our own high quality standards. Create your own Nicotine E Liquid adding our Unflavoured Nicotine to your favourite 0mg E Juices and E Liquids or use our Unflavoured Nicotine to add as a Nicotine Booster to your favourite E Juice Flavours.

Here are basic mixing charts: