Personal Vaporizers

personal vaporizers - e-cigarettes

What is a personal vaporizer?

A personal vaporizer is an alternate term for e-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes. They are called ‘vaporizers’ because they are constructed from battery-powered devices that produce vapours.

How do personal vaporizers work?

Personal vaporizers, or e-cigarettes, work through the combination of cartomizers that ‘vaporise’ e-liquids to create the vapours. The process of using an e-cigarette is often called ‘vaping’ because of the vapours. From simple to outrageous, there are many designs of personal vaporizers / e-cigarettes being sold in the market.

Why should I use an e-cigarette?

There are plenty of reasons why people purchase e-cigarettes. One popular reason why people vape is to use e-cigarettes as a substitute for smoking tobacco cigarettes. As mentioned in our tobacco Vs. e-cigarette grudge match, tobacco cigarettes are the largest single cause of death and disease in Australia. Irene Carter herself was an ex-smoker who changed her lifestyle after trying her first e-cigarette.

Irene Carter’s E-Cigarettes

Irene Carter’s e-cigarettes are slick, well-designed and functional. We believe our customers keep coming back and choosing us as their e-cigarette suppliers because our e-cigarettes are all of outstanding quality and aren’t about flashy gimmicks. Irene Carter’s e-cigarettes have helped numerous Aussies save money, get rid of that troublesome smoker’s cough (and smoker’s breath) – a number are also no longer dangerously addicted to tobacco.

I’m keen on trying a personal vaporizer. Where do I start?

If you’re looking to try a personal vaporizer for the first time, an e-cigarette starter kit could be the way to go! They come packaged with all the gear necessary to get started. They’re also of high quality – we source from the best e-cigarette suppliers out there. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

We now also have eGo e-cigarette starter kits available, which include zipper carry cases, eGo T rechargeable batteries, plus a whole lot more.