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Media release: Largest ever survey of Australian vapers shows 42% will go back to the smokes if the 1 January 2020 vaping ban goes ahead. The key takeouts of the survey: 200,000 vapers will go back to smoking if the January 1st vaping ban goes ahead. Vapers overwhelming DO NOT support a prescription model for accessing vaping Vapers are now a powerful voting block. 400,000 vapers will consider their vaping intention based on a party that supports the… Read more »

6 Top Reasons why you should switch to E-Cigarettes

1. Save Dollars. A single e-cigarette cartomizer (cartridge) is equal to around 20 cigarettes. When you consider the fact that you can get five cartomizers in 1 pack for the roughly the same price as 1 packet of cigarettes (eg 1 x 5 pack of E-cigarettes cartomizers costs around $30 VS 5 packs of cigarettes… Read more »

Electronic Cigarettes in Australia

The Ban On Nicotine In Australia Is Fueling A Black Market!   Vaporizers, electronic-cigarettes, and nicotine free e-liquids are legal in Australia, but once you want to buy e-liquid with nicotine, vapers are being pushed towards the black market.   According to data obtained in the 2016 census, there could be as many as 250,000… Read more »

E-cigarette Australia: Health Experts Don’t Sacrifice Smokers!

E-cigarette Australia: Health Experts Don’t Want To ‘Sacrifice’ Smokers, Want Them To Switch To A Healthier Alternative! We are gaining so much support from Doctors and experts for E-cigarette in Australia and the good they can achieve but nobody in the Australian Government is willing to listen!!!  It never ceases to amaze me how hard they… Read more »