Vaping during Corona Virus lock down

Are you in isolation?

Can’t get to the shops to get your cigarettes?

NOW might be the time to SWITCH to Vaping. We ARE open and can ship your vaping supplies anywhere in Australia.

Our Vapes are sourced from one of the top e-cigarette suppliers in the world, so you know you’re in for an experience. There are no gimmicks with us: just great Vaping products and “Old school” customer service.

Vaping is definitely more affordable than cigarettes, and boy o boy do we need this in today’s crisis!! A pack a day smoker can spend a lot of money each month! Vaping is quite different, the entry cost of a starter kit may be somewhat higher, but the monthly cost of vaping is actually much much lower when compared to cigarettes.

As you can see vaping has many benefits. Many new clients are making the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping and there has not been a better time to make the change.

Say goodbye to smoker’s cough, yellow teeth and all the nasties that come with traditional smoking. Make the switch today and say hi to the NEW you. It will be the best decision you will ever make!!

You can contact me directly at any time on 0415 689975, I am more than happy to help with any of your questions. Or go direct to Shop Now.

We need to stick together NOW more than ever