Vaping Petition to Legalize in Australia


Its so important to get the word out there to stop the madness the Australia Government are trying to do to take away the fundamental right we have to Vape. Vaping as we now know is much more safer than smoking, in fact 95% safer.

Release: Import ban on vaping delayed

Release: Import ban on vaping delayed

Health Minister Greg Hunt today announced he is delaying the implementation of the nicotine import ban until 1 January 2021. Legalise Vaping Australia today raised a vape to all of the Australians who lifted their voices against this policy.

“This is a big win for vapers across Australia,” said Legalise Vaping Policy Director, Emilie Dye. “Thank you everyone who pitched in, sharing stories, signing petitions, and calling MPs.”

“Federal policymakers heard your voices causing the Health Minister to delay this deadly policy. We now have an opportunity to fight for the legalisation and regulation of nicotine vaping in Australia.”

“Thank you Greg Hunt for listening the people of Australia and delaying this import ban.”


While we all know the best way to eliminate harm caused by smoking is to quit smoking completely, for those who are unable to quit, moving to smoke-free products provides an opportunity for better health and an improved life.

E-cigarettes and vapes are endorsed by the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and Public Health England as being a better alternative to smoking and more effective for smoking cessation than nicotine-replacement therapy. Legalise Vaping Australia and its community of supporters are working to legalise vaping in Australia, ensuring Australian smokers have access to these less-harmful devices.

This petition is gaining traction but we need to keep the pressure up  ahead of the January 1st deadline.