Where can I buy E-cigarettes in Brisbane

So many questions, so much information to absorb. Is your head going around in a whirl? Look no further. We make it easy as 1,2,3 .

  1. Go online at www.irenecarterecigs.com.au select “Shop”
  2. Select “Starter Kit”Select your strength and flavour
  3. Select “Buy Now” button

Or…. we have a shop if you prefer to “Try before you Buy” if you live locally to Brisbane and want a care free e-cigarette experience, all you need to do is call us on 0415 689975 any time to make a one on one appointment. You will be well on your way to switching to e-cigarettes. Can accommodate after hours appointments, weekends (when available). You are not restricted to business hours.

This is an Owned and operated Australian business with excellent customer service at all times. Has been in operation since 2013

If you are new to e-cigarettes we are happy to explain every detail of how to get the best and most satisfying results from our E-cigarettes. If you are an advanced user of e-cigarettes and are sick of your liquid leaking , breakage,  the amount of work needed to refill your Vape (who wants to be a mad scientist every day refilling those things ) then look no further. Our product is already filled and ready to go. It won’t leak, you don’t need to fill up, won’t break if dropped. Convenience all the way.

eGo e-cigarette starter kit

Starter Kit